Brand Ecosystem (Strategy) by Stuart Lawes

Brand Ecosystem (Strategy)

A Brand Ecosystem refers to the brand experience you design for your customers. Learn how to position your services online to get noticed, remembered and shared.
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In order to create lasting bonds, you must learn where your audience is headed and how you can lead them their smarter and faster.


Who are you leading? - People obtain their sense of authenticity and identity from their tribes - unique subcultures that bring humans together with sacred rituals among tribal members. This allows you to create relevant experiences for tribal communities. 

Tribes: Personal Trainers, Creatives, Fans of Hip Hop, Bikers - the examples are endless.

Human Needs.

Who are you connecting? - Basic human needs are at the source of all consumer behaviours. Learn to understand not only the conditions of your consumer, but also their motivations. If you know why a consumer is in your brands space, you can communicate and serve them more efficiently. 

Brand Experiences.

Where do they hang out? - Consumers expect to stay connected to your brand from your awareness messages to their post purchase experience. For each touchpoint, you design brand experiences that are informative, exciting and powerful for any platform in any consumer space.
Digital Tool Shed 🏚


Listen and make changes! - Digital experiences can be measured in real time. Analyse consumer behaviour and feedback to constantly improve every experience for future product development. This allows you to create systems and processes to improve performance.

Build a website responsible for how your clients show up!

Learn how to motivate clients to show up with their A-Game AND have them leave happier!

Your Brand Promise.

Every brand needs a plan to swoop consumers off their feet. Identify what it is you're solving, your unique take and philosophy for what the future could be! Then package them up to be purchased like a product.

A Website Built For Conversion.

Your website is a sales tools to educate your prospects and have a sales conversation. People don't buy products and services they buy results. By listening your tribe, you learn how to motivate and lead them. Only then can you develop an actionable plan grounded in reality.

The Interaction Model.

Relationships = Interactions over time. There is a group in the 'diffusion of innovation' known as the 'Early Majority', you need to seek to gain market attention. These humans wont try something until the someone else has tried it first! So we create a conversation that encourages their decision making by building trust.

Customer Experiences.

To ensure effectiveness across multiple brand touch-points, we test, target and measure the response. By analysing customers behaviour, conversation and feedback, your next update can better meet your consumers needs. 

What's in it for YOU?... not your business!


Earn the money you need, to live the life you dream of living.


Get time back so you can spend it with family and friends.


Identify a roll that fulfils you the most and become a leader.


Stuart's really helped to dig into our business model and position 2Bros Pro online. His understanding of User Interface and User Experience Design has played a key roll with customer relationships. Our brand strategy is clear, along with the reporting, visibility and insights to improve the customer experience. Thank you!
Ian Constable
The K2 Balti House has worked closely with Stuart for several years now. I have always found Stuart diligent and hard working. He delivers on quality and creativity every time. Since introducing his new business model the Brand Ecosystem we have implemented his tactics and doubled our online reservations in the first three months. 

Why the Brand Ecosystem?

In Britain, we have a long, brilliant history of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. There's nowhere else in the world quite like it. The only thing that will reinvigorate our economy is the creation of new entrepreneurs. 
Putting yourself out there is scary, positioning your services online is more confusing than ever. My aim is to remove all the lingering confusion and help you launch your business smarter and faster.