As a Sole Trader with no-one to turn too, I started off making money doing what I enjoy with no business knowledge. I always struggled with accounts and every year I tried a new software. 

After 4-5 years testing several platforms, I finally found Free-Agent that displays everything in a simplified way and in real time. No concern of scary tax bills! I know everything financially in my business. As a Sole Trader you can submit your accounts direct to HMRC. If you don't feel confident you can hire an accountant via FreeAgent to manage your account at a very affordable price.

(The support team at Free Agent are accountants, not software developers, so you have plenty of help.)

Select the link above to start a free trial, plus save 10% off your monthly subscription. 🤗

Of course i'm limited as to what I can (Want to show you here 😝), but a couple of the features that I particularly find helpful. 

1. Automated Emails - pre-written to follow up with Invoice Reminders and Thank You Emails. If invoices are not paid, the customer automatically receives a reminder every 5 days. - No more time wasted chasing up money for work thats been completed. 😎

2. A Tax timeline showing you in real time as you earn money, what balance will be required by HMRC and when. 🤩 (It's taken all the stress and worry away!)

This was honestly a game changer for me and has taught me so much financially for my business. I hope it helps you too.